In the post Lifechanger I explained that the text was a short a simplified version of everything that have happened the last months. Many of the circumstances that made me come to the decision of changing my life was not even mentioned, there are many details not being told. This post is about the acceptance given from the people around. Prioritizing I started training and competing pool freediving exactly three years ago. From the first training session, I was hooked. I started freediving because I wanted a new form of training, but freediving ended up being my only focus. My family and friends were by my side, they could see how freediving started changing my life. They could see the transformation. From the first training, I changed my priorities. I started always prioritizing freediving training and competition instead of dinner, party or even weddings. This have not always been appreciated. Some people see it as a sacrifice, but I don’t like that word. What I do, is simply making choices prioritizing with the help of my intuition. Freediving have been prioritized on many levels for many reasons since it has become my entire life style. For me, to be accepted as I am, is the most beautiful gift of love someone can give me. Acceptance The consequences have not always been the easiest to handle. The people around me have not always understood the choices I have made. Though, they have accepted and respected them. They have accepted me going my way and welcomed me with open arms when we meet. Without the acceptance from family and friends the journey would not have been the same. It is important to be able to follow the intuition that comes from within without being compared and questioned by the people around. I have realized, to be accepted and to accept the choices of others are the key for healthy relations. Relations without attachments, wishing the best for the other, relations where letting go is a way of expressing love, these are, for me, real love relations. Some people have the strength to live with this way of seeing things and I am happy to be a part of their lives. For me, to be accepted as I am, is the most beautiful gift of love someone can give me. …expect the best and accept everything. I am grateful I’m lucky to have beautiful people in my life, who see how important the freediving is to me and what it does to me. People who allow me to be who I am. I am eternally grateful for my life and to be part of some people lives even if it often means that I am in the periphery. Without many of these people, I wouldn’t be who I am and where I am today, this very moment. I take nothing or no one, for granted. I expect the best and accept everything. Want to read more? The Shape of Deep Freediving, Balance Life, Harmonious or Obsessive Passion? are some posts if you want to read more about my thoughts and reflections around freediving.Follow me on instagram if you want to be updated with more photos and shorter texts @nicoleedensbo. Be kind to your self, be kind to others. Nicole Edensbo, 2019-10-01Kalamata, Greece