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Custom diets

In this post I go further in explaining my approach to my freediving diet and also explaing what kind of feeling I want to achieve in my body before freediving. There is so much to explore when it comes to diet and freediving. The one thing I am already convinced of though is that everyone need their own custom made diet based on
facts, experience and discovery.

, Custom diets
Nicole Edensbo, diving in Greece. Photo by: Bastien Soleil

…diet was optimized to what I believed in then. Now it has changed, regarding what and when I eat.

A changing diet

In my last post about diet I wrote about my approach to my diet in general. I also wrote that diet, nutrition and health always has interested me. Before doing freediving, I spent a lot of time in the gym lifting weights and, in the tracks, running. My diet was optimized to what I believed in then. Now it has changed, regarding what and when I eat. For me an optimized diet for intense gym training and running is not the same diet as the one optimized for long breath holds and deep diving.

The photo to the right by: Bastien Soleil

My diet is based on what I have read, discussed, experienced and discovered myself.

During some periods of freediving training and preparations before a competition my training does change. Therefore, what I eat and when I eat changes a bit. But overall, I try to keep it the same as long as possible since I want my diet to be a natural part of my lifestyle. I have done the extreme and I have understood it is not good for me. I must stick to diet that is good for me both physically and mentally in the long term. Probably many people would still say the lifestyle is extreme, but I keep it on a level that works for me.

Unique diets

My diet is based on what I have read, discussed, experienced and discovered myself. I trust my guts when it comes to diet. Apparently, I do something good since I achieve quite good results within freediving. So, what is the diet I stick to then? What is the optimal freediving diet? Well, the answer is: I am not sure at all. What I am sure of though is that every individual need to discover what is good for themselves, both physically and mentally. We have different bodies and different minds and there is not one truth, on diet, that suits us all. I would say that what the diet every individual need depends on what they need to work on or improve at the moment. Someone might need to lose weight, someone might need to eat more vegetables, at the same time as someone just need to be kind to him or herself and let go of restrictions and rules for a while. What I write in this blog might be true for me today but not for everyone else.

, Custom diets
The feeling to achieve

So, until now I have written about how diet is individual and that my diet changes due to what kind of training I practice but also what makes me stay healthy both physically and mentally. The feeling I want to achieve to feel good before while diving is calm body in balance. I want to have, just enough energy to do what I should but not more. The feeling I want is a flexible and light feeling giving space for the air I inhale and pack into my lungs. I want nothing to bother me because of something I ate. My body should be able to hold a lot of oxygen but still working slow during my performance. I would say that the situation is a little bit complex for a freediver and that is why freediving and diet is so interesting.

The feeling I want to achieve…is calm body in balance.

, Custom diets
Nicole Edensbo, breathing up before a CWT-dive at Freediving Club Greece. Photo by: Bastien Soleil
Deeper into the subject

In my next post I will go further and deeper in this subject and give concrete examples of what my diet actually contains to achieve this feeling. I did these two introductory posts to introduce you to my thoughts about diet and my diet approach. Because I think that the general diet approach is the most important.

Be kind to your self, be kind to others.

Nicole Edensbo, 2020-02-08
Villefranche-sur-Mer, France

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