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    Tip – Three steps how to Accept & Move on

    This post gives you a tip of how-to deal with situations or events that you experience difficult or heavy, accept them and move on.

    Photo: Daan Verhoeven
    The three steps

    1. Welcome what happens
    What has already happened you cannot change. You cannot reverse time. All you have to do is embrace the moment.

    2. Focus right
    Ask the right questions to yourself. There are two possible ways to go:
    – Is it within your control? => Make a change!
    – Is it out of your control? => Let it go!

    3. Put the situation in the right perspective
    Zoom out in time and space and see it all in the context as part of life and universe itself. Usually the issue it is quite small and the consequences are irrelevant in the bigger context.


    Through these three steps it is so much easier to handle situations without paying too many unecessary thoughts. The risk of enlarging the issues to something so much greater than it really is is reducing. It feels more natural to accept and move on. This mindset is connected to a philosophical orientation, stoicism. To know how I think in some of my own situations you can read this post Accept, Focus & Move on .

    Be kind to your self, be kind to others.

    Nicole Edensbo, 2019-03-11
    Gothenburg, Sweden