Octopus Freediving

, Octopus Freediving
, Octopus Freediving
Photo by: Nestori Virtanen

Trusted by the best freedivers worldwide, Octopus has been making freediving accessories and equipment since 2013 with the aim to bring you premium and innovative freediving products.

Created by Swiss designer and freediver Pascal Berger, all Octopus products are made using the finest materials, guaranteeing Swiss quality you can trust!

With the freediving community growing exponentially every year, it is crucial to provide reliable quality equipment for all freedivers out there, from the occasional advanced snorkeler, to the pool competitor, the guy training depth in a cold dark lake, the spearfishing girl, or the very top world champion.

Made by freedivers for freedivers, Octopus follows the new training advances and trends, listens to the changing needs of the freediving community, and always keeps safety in mind as the number one priority.

, Octopus Freediving
Photo by: Frederic Llopis
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Octopus Freediving