, Dedicated to freediving

Dedicated to freediving

Six months dedicated to freediving. This means training, competing and living the life of a full time freediver. For some people it might sound like a dream, for some like a night mare. I am one of those who think it sounds like something more wonderful than a dream. I decided it to be my reality.

, Dedicated to freediving
One-way flight ticket

On the 9th of June I booked a one-way ticket to Greece. The 1st of July the flight landed just as the sun was setting. The first day of the 2nd half of 2019 had come to an end. As I stepped out from the airplane I was wondering if it was reality or if it was a dream as the warm and soft air played with my hair and caressed my cheeks.

, Dedicated to freediving
Freedivers life

Now, ten days later, I have spent so much time in the water, that the skin is falling from my fingertips and my hair starts to permanently smell like the ocean. Every day I learn something new about freediving. I have learnt that a slow progress is best for my body to stay healthy and in good condition to dive deeper. One step at a time my body is adjusting slowly to freediving life towards extraordinary achievements.

, Dedicated to freediving
Photo: Michel Filinis

Your body and thoughts work together in one conscious action of approaching the quiet and the unknown…


So far, the dives have been wonderful. It is something special going down there, being there and then ascend. The company you have on the journey is yourself. It is you. Your body and your thoughts. They work together as one. They work together in one conscious action of approaching the quiet and the unknown, the big blue.

, Dedicated to freediving

Be kind to yourself, be kind to others.

Nicole Edensbo, 2019-07-11
West Messinia, Greece

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