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    Year 2020 – Freediving & Life

    The year 2020 was a very different year for many reasons. …for every one. For me there were many big changes. The freediving season 2020 started on the beaches of the french riviera and ended up at -75 meters depth in Kalamata, Greece.

    Nicole Edensbo in Kalamata, Greece after a training dive. Photo by: Takuja Terajima
    Starting a new season

    When the year 2020 started it was confirmed. I got one more year from my employer to do what I love, freediving. I also love my “normal” work, as a project manager within infrastructure. All though, sometimes I find life as a competitive freediver and a project manager hard to combine. So, I am fortunate enough to have an employer that support me doing this.

    Nicole Edensbo breathing up before freediving. Photo by: Takuja Terajima
    The first months

    In early January I travelled to France and lived in Villefranche-Sur-Mer. The village where the Depth World Championship was held 2019. I focused a lot on getting back to freediving mode after almost two months of rest. (The rest is crucial for me to be able to do this long term.) I focused on stretching and did a lot of swimming in the sea with a temperature of 13/14 degrees Celsius. I combined it with pooltraining in Nice together with CIPA Freediving including Alice Modolo, Guillaume Néry, Arthur Guerin Boëri and more. I also did a lot of training in Monaco at Stade Louis II mainly together with my brother who came for a longer visit. By mid february I did a PB in STA, a relaxed 07:05 minutes. A great success. Unfortunately, by then, Covid-19 started to spread more and more all over Europe and the plans on defending my title as the best female poolfreediver in Sweden were cancelled. In mid March I managed to get one of the few flights, departing from Nice, going back home to Sweden.

    Changed plans

    In Sweden restrictions were mild. Even if the pool training together with the club was cancelled I could still go and train together with friends. Things were not so easy, though, and the training suffered. I picked up on gym training even if that was not the original plan. But, yes, I guess this year there have been many people having to change plans. The original plan was to participate in the Swedish Chamionship in Pool and then in April travel to Greece, starting depth training.

    During all this, me and my ex-husband decided to separate. A decision that was not dealt with over night, I can tell. This was something we had discussed for over a year. Though, he always supported me, encouraging me to do what I wanted in life. We realized, what once was our dream of a future life was not our common dream any more. With respect to one an other we decided to move on in different directions. During all this, the commercial I did for Mercedes Benz was released, a beautiful video and portrait in my opinion.

    Nicole Edensbo in commercial video for Mercedes Benz.
    Something different

    With no choice of travel, difficulties finding opportunities to do training and a mind confused by life I started painting and writing more and more. Something I’ve always done when I’ve found the time. Together with Dean Chipolina, whom I met at the World Championship 2019, I started creating music something very unexpected but so exciting. In early summer we even performed three of our songs in collaboration with an old friend from school.

    Dean Chipolina and Nicole Edensbo as CoCo Muse performing at Warehouse Sessions in collaboration with Ljudbolaget. Photo by: Benjamin Reuber
    Depth training & National Record

    During May and June pool training was on the shcedule as often as possible. It was the preperation for the main purpose of this year, depthtraining. Depth training started in Spain and Gibraltar and in July the serious training started, in Kalamata, Greece. There were a lot of famous freediving athletes there such as Alenka Artnik, Aurnaud Jerald, Walid Boudhiaf, Dean Chipolina, Jennifer Wendland, Alice Modolo, Marianna Gillespie, Thibault Guignes and more. Mostly I did CWT (diving with a monofin, down and up) aiming to break the Swedish national record, held by Anneli Pompe.

    Training became very itense and after nearly 3 months of depth training my body and mind was exhausted. I didn’t feel I had what I needed to go for the national record, 91 meters. I did 88 meters though and ranked quite OK in the world the year 2020. Instead of going for the national record in CWT I put the bifins on instead. Two trainings and two competition dives later I had the national record in the AIDA ranking, 75 meters CWTB. Such a relief after this years wild ride. Many media channels such as SVT, Göteborgs-Posten and Expressen showed interest in the new record and for freediving in general wich is a success itself. A beautiful gift.

    The most beautiful gift of this year, though, is that I can travel the world doing what I love together with someone I love, someone who love what I love.

    Nicole Edensbo and Dean Chipolina in Kalamata, Greece. Photo by: Takuja Terajima

    I wish you all a wonderful year!

    Be kind to your self, be kind to others.

    Nicole Edensbo, 2021-01-22
    Linköping, Sweden

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    The shooting for Mercedes Benz

    Last year, I had the opportunity to do a beautiful shoot with Mercedes benz for their campaign “What moves you?”.
    Earlier this summer it was released.

    Nicole Edensbo in the commercial video for the Mercedes Benz – V-class.
    Shooting in Tenerife

    We spent some wonderful days in the amazing landscapes of Tenerife, Spain. It was an experience I will for long remember. Driving this car from the small roads in the misty mountains to the endless sea doing what I love. Freediving. We did the shooting for two days. One day we spent in the sea to do the diving scenes and the second day we went up in the mountain with the black Mercedes Benz – V-class.

    The crew

    The crew where amazing and someone who really impressed me the most was the director, the incredibly talented Marta Trela. What really struck me was her ability to see people and really understand the person she works with. She has an eye for details which is crucial to be a director at her level.

    I really enjoyed recording the voice over trying to achieve different feeling so that the team could have a various selection for the final result. It is amazing how much time, so many minds and so much energy is put into the result of 1:35 minutes commercial video. In my opinion, the result is amazingly beautiful. What do you think?

    Nicole Edensbo, 2020-08-22
    Kalamata, Greece

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    Learn how to hold your breath longer – Part 2: The Breath

    When we breathe normally, we do not use our entire lung volume and many of us have a tendency to breathe in the upper part of the lungs and not “breathing with the belly”. Today I want us to concentrate a little more on the breath and our breathing. You find a video tutorial below.

    Breathe consciously

    The respiratory system is something that for most of us just works. It regulates itself, among other things, with the help of CO2 levels in the blood which I wrote about in the first part of this series Part 1: Knowledge. However, we breath without needing to think of it. Before a breath hold though, conscious breathing is crucial.

    20200421 222758
    “In this exercise we learn to be more conscious about our breathing”. Nicole Edensbo Freediver in the archipelago of Gothenburg. Photo by: Elin Larsgren
    The breath

    In this exercise we learn to be more conscious about our breathing, finding the volume of the lungs and get used to breathing with “all parts of the lungs” from the belly to the throat. Before a longer breath hold it is good to use as much of your lung volume as possible. If you know you are one of those that tend to breathe very shallow (mainly with the upper part of your lungs), this exercise is good to find the belly breathing. Now, remember we should breathe with the belly, so let it be big and bulge.

    20200415 214912
    Learn how to hold your breath longer, exercise.


    Part 2: The Breath
    1. Find a place where you can lie down comfortably and undisturbed. Lie down straight and relax your whole body.
    2. Put one hand on your belly and one over your chest and just feel your breathing. Reflect on how your body moves as your breathe.
    3. Put both hands on your belly and breathe “only with your belly” (very deep) for ten breaths.
      (from 00:05 in the movie below)
    4. Put your hands on your chest and breathe “only with your lungs” for ten breaths.
      (from 00:35 in the movie below)
    5. Put one hand on your throat and breathe “only with your throat” (very shallow) for ten breaths.
      (from 1:05 in the movie below)
    6. Now put your bellybreathing and lungbreathing together. Start by “filling the belly” with air, then fill the lungs. Exhale by first emptying the air in the lungs and then the belly. Blow out all the air when you exhale. Do this for ten breaths.
      (from 1:25 in the video below)
    7. Now add all three parts together. Belly, lungs and throat. Start by filling the belly with air. When it is full, you fill the lungs and when they are full you finish your inhale by filling your throat. Exhale by first emptying the air in the throat, then the lungs and finally the belly. Blow out all the air when you exhale. Do this in ten breaths.
      (from 2:20 in the movie below)
    • In the video below, I do each part three times instead of ten.
    • Personally, in the beginning, I found it difficult to find the belly breathing. Therefor, I just tried to breathe and make sure to actively move my belly instead of the chest. Then, after a while, the belly breathing came naturally.
    • The exercise above can also be done sitting. Perfect as a little break at work before lunch.
    • My advice is to do breathing exercises on an empty stomach or a few hours after eating.
    How to hold your breath longer, tutorial video, belly breathing.


    Get used to belly breathing

    Do this exercise to remind yourself to relax and find your belly breathing. I advice you to do this kind of conscious breathing for some minutes before a breath hold. Before a breath hold I usually breathe deep into my belly and a bit up into the lungs, like step 6 in the exercise. In the last breath before I hold my breath I breathe down into the belly, up into the lungs and then the throat to get in as much air as possible, like step 7 in this exercise.

    Be kind to your self, be kind to others.

    Nicole Edensbo, 2020-04-24
    Gothenburg, Sweden

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    How to hold your breath longer – Part 1: Knowledge

    I have noticed that people are curious about freediving and that there is a particular interest in breathing and breath hold. Very often the I get the question of how long I can hold my breath. Let’s start with revealing that my personal best in STA (static apnea = breathhold in water) currently is 07:05 minutes.

    Basic exercises

    Most likely, there are as many strategies as there are apneists to improve the breath hold. In this series I will share some exercises along with techniques for breathing, relaxation and stretching to improve the time of the breath hold. The excercises are basic and should suit almost every one. And no, you will not need a pool to do the exercises. A bed, couch or a floor will do perfect!

    Before we start!

    Before you keep on reading this article I want you to start by doing a breath hold, as long as you can. Count the time and write it down to see how much you, with the help of this series, will improve your breath hold.

    BreathHold Monaco
    Nicole Edensbo doing a STA (Static Apnea). Photo by: Jakob Sandberg

    First of all, we need to know a little bit of what actually regulates our breathing. Some people might think that it is the lack of oxygen (O2) that creates the urge to breath. That is actually not the case. It is the carbon dioxide (CO2) levels that creates the urge hence regulates our breathing. The regulation of breathing can simply be described as follows.

    Regulation of breathing

    When the CO2 levels becomes high enough in the blood, signals are sent that cause the diaphragm to contract, which creates an underpressure in the lungs and air is drawn in through our mouth and nose. Simply, we take a breath. The air that we breathe in consists, among other gases, of O2 that our body need to function. The O2 is absorbed by the blood that simultaneously releases CO2 that is ventilated out when the diaphragm relaxes, and we exhale. When the cells in the body work, they consume the O2 and one of the residues of the process is the CO2. The CO2 is transported with the blood and out from our body through the lungs. There the circle is closed, and it repeats over and over again.

    image 3
    Schematic diagram of the respiratory system as a part of the series “How to hold your breath longer”.

    Have you ever tried holding your breath so that you have felt the contractions? Most likely, you can last at least twice as long. As long as you lie on a flat surface, without the risk of falling and you are healthy, it should not be dangerous to hold your breath for a longer time.


    Part 1: Knowledge
    1. Choose a place where you can lie comfortably and undisturbed
    2. Settle down and relax
    3. Take a few deep breaths
    4. Take in as much air as you can in the last inhalation before your breath hold and then hold
    5. Start a timer and notice when you get your first contraction
    6. Hold as long as you can
    7. Breathe!
    8. Stop the timer
    9. Write down the time for the first contraction and the total time of breath hold
    • Repeat this four times
    • Make sure you recover at least twice as long as you hold your breath


    Benefits from exercise

    For many people the contractions comes later the second and third time they do the breath holds in this exercise. For some that means a more comfortable and longer breath hold. If you do this exercise a couple of times a week you’ll get to know yourself and learn how to handle the contractions and the uncomfortable feeling better. Your body will also slowly get used to lower oxygen levels. This means it is the first step to increase the time of your breath hold capacity.

    Nicole Edensbo 1
    “The CO2 is transported with the blood and out from our body through the lungs.”

    Be kind to your self, be kind to others.

    Nicole Edensbo, 2020-04-15
    Gothenburg, Sweden

  • CNF Nicole Edensbo VM 2019

    AIDA Depth World Championship 2019 – My dives

    As I am planning for the depth season to come I stumbled over the videos from AIDA Depth World Championship 2019. I watched my dives and I realize that seeing them inspires me, more than ever, to go deep again.

    Watch the videos of my dives from AIDA Depth World Championship below.

    CNF Nicole Edensbo VM 2019
    Nicole Edensbo, CNF -47 meters. AIDA Depth World Championship 2019.
    Photo by: Guillaume Estève.
    Beautiful dives & more to work on

    The championship was my first Depth World Championship as I started deep freediving last year. The championship was held in Villefranche-sur-Mer, where I am at the moment. I participated in this championship to gain experience witin depth competition, widen my freediving network, bring tags from the bottom plate and results of white cards. The competition gave me all of this and even more.

    I was and still am very proud of my performances since I got a lot of positive critics from the comentators. After the championship I went deeper in all three disciplines and in two of them I even did national records; In October the 6th I did -77 meters FIM (free immersion) and five days later -52 meters CNF (constant weight no fins). I still have a lot to work on and I am so curious to see what this season will bring.

    Watch the videos of my CWT and FIM dives from AIDA Depth World Championship 2019 in Villefranche-sur-Mer below.

    CWT -73 meters, dive time 02:05 minutes

    The video starts playing just before my official top.

    Nicole Edensbo freediving Constant Weight to -73 meters with a dive time of 02:05 minutes. AIDA Depth World Championship 2019.
    FIM -68 meters, dive time 02:20 minutes

    The video starts playing just before my official top.

    Nicole Edensbo freediving Constant Weight to -68 meters with a dive time of 02:20 minutes. AIDA Depth World Championship 2019.
    CNF -47 meters, dive time 02:10 minutes

    Here is the link to my CNF dive https://youtu.be/8_8lxBXpkFc?t=150
    …by some reason it cannot be embeded in this blog post at the moment.

    Be kind to yourself, be kind to others.

    Nicole Edensbo, 2020-03-11
    Villefranche-sur-Mer, France

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    Top 10 blog posts 2019

    In this post I have listed the top ten read posts i my blog during the year of 2019. In the first place comes “High ambitions & indifference”. A post I wrote early this year, trying to explain the situation of being a person with ambitions higher than what is good for one self. In the top there are also texts from the experience during the Swedish Championship in pool freediving and excercices to learn how to keep the breath longer and a lot more.

    I wish you all a happy new year!
    …and always remember:

    Be kind to your self, be kind to others.


    #1 “High ambitions & indifference”


    #2 “Four times gold, 1000 times feelings!”
    #3 “Lär dig hålla andan längre – Del 1: Kunskap”
    #4 “First competition day is over, I go to bed with a smile!”
    #5 “Lifechanger”
    #6 “Acceptance”
    #7 “Att äta medvetet”
    #7 “Mindset & Mindfulness – Föredrag på temat hållbarhet”
    #8 “Lär dig hålla andan längre – Del 2: Andetaget
    #9 “My Freediving Story”
    #10 “Listen & Live”

    Be kind to your self, be kind to others.

    Nicole Edensbo, 2019-12-27
    Åsbo, Sweden

  • 20190916 095747

    An extraordinary season – PB almost tripled in depth

    Coming home to Sweden has been wonderful. I am happy I followed my voice inside that said: “…it is enough for this time, you need time to relax and recover from this summers adventures“. This summer has been a blast and I am happy I ended the depth season on top…or the opposite, depends on how you see it.

    I almost tripled my PB in CWT and I was coming closer and closer to the pressure of 10 bars.

    First season in the deep

    I started this depth season with a personal best of 38 meters with bifins in my diving history. A depth I reached during a vacation in the Maldives 2017. What made me not go deeper was the sandy bottom of the atolle. My only official result was 30 meters CWT, a dive I did in a competition Sweden 2017. CNF and FIM where the two disciplines I hadn’t even tried before. I started this season with some dives to 20-25 meters with my bifins.

    Training & Competition

    My training with Freediving Club Greece in Kalamata started in July. During my first competition I did a dive of 52 meters CWTB which ment a Swedish national record in the discipline. My training led to a fast progression in depth for me in all disciplines. By some reason there was nothing stopping me. Breathhold was fine, I felt strong, equalization worked, I just kept on going. I attended to several competitions during the summer and I had the opportunity to meet fantastic people within the freediving world.

    Savvas Savva and Sasha Jeremic that I met for the first time in Cyprus depth games in Limassol, Cyprus in July.
    This was during the after party of the Cyprus depth games together with Irina Smolentseva, Thibault Guignes, Nadia Borozdenkova and Oksana Molchanova. Wonderful people!

    I also met some Swedish faces Mats Tybell and Oscar Särnholm. Vicky Brown, I met during the WC in Villefranche Sur Mer, such an amazing woman!

    Together with Irina Smolentseva and Bastien Soleil at Sailing Tortuga, the katamaran that at the momen is in the middle of the atlantic following the wind.
    On the Sailing Tourtuga together with the owner Ruediger and the athlete Irina with heading towards Cannes with Villefranche Sur Mer in the backround.
    On the boat back from training with the team of Freediving Club Greece (FCG)! <3
    Isabela Sanchez Aran with her coach at the WC! Isabela is also a member of the crew in FCG.
    AIDA depth World Championship 2019

    During the AIDA depth World Championship in Villefranche Sur Mer, in September, I did three dives I am very proud of. I came to the WC to do beautiful, happy dives with clear surface protocols. I got a lot of good critics for my technique from the comentators and athletes around me. In the combination of points I ended up on the fourth place!

    If you are interested you can find my three dives through the links in the end of the post.

    Nicole Edensbo, National record FIM -77m. Photo by: Bastien Soleil

    …the judges gave me a white card and I had broke the Swedish national record in CNF.

    National Records in FIM & CNF

    After the WC I came back to Kalamata for more depth training, and in the begining of October it was time for competition again. I broke the Swedish national record in FIM the 6th of October with a dive of 77 meters. Five days later I chose to do a dive of 52 meters in the discipline CNF. I came up, did the surface protocol and the judges gave me a white card and I had broke the Swedish national record in CNF.

    Nicole Edensbo, CNF -48m, AIDA Depth World Championship 2019. Photo by: Guillaume Estève

    My CNF-dive was my 15th competition dive and after that I kept on training. I started to get close to my 50th training session. My depth progressed almost every day and I was high on endorfines all summer and autumn. The rush never ended. I almost tripled my PB in CWT and I was coming closer and closer to the pressure of 10 bars.

    Nicole Edensbo, CWT -73m, AIDA Depth World Championship 2019. Photo by: Guillaume Estève

    I was supposed to go to a paradise island but I tried to find options to shorten my trip. Something was wrong.

    Changed plans

    I was planning to attend a competition in Dominica in November, but there where many things telling me not to go and especially my body and mind. I realized I tried to minimize my stay to as few days as possible. I was supposed to go to a paradise island but I tried to find options to shorten my trip. Something was wrong. After many days of thinking and discussing with my self and the people around me I decided not to go. I felt such a relief at the same time as a part of me couldn’t understand how I could cancel my participation.

    Home in Sweden

    This was the best thing I could do for my self this autumn and I am so happy and proud I came to this decision and followed it. If I would have gone I would have been competing today, with energy I wouldn’t have had.

    At Nyhetsmorgon, TV4 together with Sharon Lavie and Anders Philblad.

    Coming back home has been lovely, both television and radio has shown interest for the sport and my achievements. Now I have time to relax for a while before I continue my journey in the depths.

    If you are interested in the programs in television and radio you can find the interviews through the links below.

    Nicole Edensbo, FIM -68m, AIDA Depth World Championship 2019. Photo by: William Rhamey
    Video of the dives in the World Championship

    CWT dive

    FIM dive

    CNF dive

    TV & Radio interviews

    TV4 – Nyhetsmorgon

    Radiointerview (my interview starts 2h 43min into the program)

    Be kind to your self, be kind to others.

    Nicole Edensbo, 2019-11-24
    Gothenburg, Sweden

  • IMG 20190904 110116 613

    Training August, 2019

    Many dives, many personal bests and many photos from the month. In this post you find some photos from the moments of August.

    Amazing flat surface.
    On the way to the diving spot in the new wetsuit from Triton.
    Photo by: Michel Filinis
    DYN-dive to the bottomplate and back. Photo by: Michel Filinis
    DYN-dive. Photo by: Freediving Club Greece
    After a deep dive, with the tag in my hand. Photo by: Michel Filinis
    Oxygen recovery from a deep dive. Photo by: Michel Filinis
    After dive, just playing in the water.
    Together with Max Gardien. Photo by: Michel Filinis
    Important skills for a freediver. Creating bubble rings.
    Keeping the logbook updated with my dives, depth, divetime, equipment, warm up dives etcetera.

    Be kind to your self, be kind to others.

    Nicole Edensbo, 2019-09-06
    Athens, Greec

  • IMG 2681 1

    25 days in the blue

    25 days dedicated to freediving have passed. Besides training, I love playing with the camera both above and beneath the surface. The result is: A lot of photos. Here are some of my favourites.

    Photo from training with amazing athletes and wonderful crew and setup in Kalamata. With FCG – Freediving Club Greece.
    Oskar Särnholm is ready to face the blue waters of Kalamata.
    In Kalamata we where three Swedish athletes training and competing. Here with Mats Tybell from LSDK. Photo by: Michel Filinis
    A dive with Mona. Photo by: Michel Filinis
    Under the buoy.
    Relaxing on the buoy between repetitions. Photo by: Michel Filinis
    Training session ended with a happy face and some photos. Photo by: Michel Filinis
    On our way back from training in Kalamata.
    It is important to stay hydrated! “The Swedish team” Oskar Särnholm, Nicole Edensbo and Mats Tybell. Photo by: Michel Filinis
    Nature & Recreation
    Colors are amazing. Even better when close up.
    The curious small black fish. I just love them.
    The mediterranean Sea and the rocks. Nature is amazing.
    Stretching is an important part of freediving. Photo by: Michel Filinis
    Some evenings have been spent at the beach to watch the sunset and clear the mind.
    The ascent of my DNF-dive together with the safetydiver. Photo by: FCG – Freediving Club Greece
    White card for my -47m CNF-dive. Happy PB. Wonderful competiton. Photo by: FCG – Freediving Club Greece
    My national record-dive to -52m in CWTB. Thanks to Tritonsub I have these super bifins! Photo by: FCG – Freediving Club Greece
    Morning boat to the diving spot in Limassol. The freedivers are getting ready to face the depth.
    Competition in Limassol, Cyprus on our way to the diving spot.
    Cyprus Depth Games 2019. A freediver is relaxing before his dive. Savvas Savva’s set up for the competition in the background.
    Art & Recreation
    I love the artistic part of my freediving. Wide dresses of light fabric is fantastic under water. Photo by: Michel Filinis
    Ready with the camera in my hands as well as the photographer of this photography. Thank you Tritonsub for my fins. Photo by: Michel Filinis
    Love how the loose hair and fabric of the dress flows in the water. I love working with the light of the photos in my lap top. Photo by: Michel Filinis.
    Artistic underwater photography. Photo by: Michel Filinis
    Lovely Athens, lovely Greece.
    Love the ocean. Photo by: Michel Filinis

    Be kind to your self, be kind to others.

    Nicole Edensbo, 2019-07-26
    Limassol, Cyprus

  • P7210335

    Freediving in Kalamata

    Where to start when writing about the previous weeks that passed by? There are so many new impressions that need time to be sorted and reflected on. Training and competition, personal bests and national records. Happy dives and a never-ending feeling of joy and gratefulness.

    On the way to the diving spot together with Dave, Jurgen Reinderink, Thibault Guignes, Alena Konecna and Max Gardien free-diving. Photo by: Michel Filinis
    Training in Kalamata

    Two weeks in the beautiful blue waters of Kalamata. I look back at these days and feel warmth in my heart. The nature around Kalamata is amazing. The mountains that surround the bay, in which we went diving, are impressive. They rise from the sea up towards the sky, which some days was decorated with clouds and some days clear as beneath the surface. The surface, most of the day, was still and perfect for pleasant training. Conditions for freediving in Kalamata are perfect.

    From the first days the happy vibes from all people on the spot could be felt. The happy freedivers who were spending time focusing on their element.
    I was training with Stavros Kastrinakis’s FCG – Freediving Club Greece.

    At the shop, FCG – Freediving Club Greece
    My training

    It is amazing to see freedivers coming up from their dives removing their facial equipment, and expressing, with a calm smile what they just experienced. The divine experience. My training went perfectly well. I did PBs in all four disciplines and I couldn’t ask for more. I know that deepdiving needs patience. The body needs time to adapt to the new environment with the pressure that deepdiving demands.

    Photo by: Michel Filinis
    Great results and national records

    There were four days of competition and I did all four disciplines: CWTB (Constant Weight Bifins), FIM (Free Immersion), CNF (Constant Weight No Fins) and CWT (Constant Wheight). Amazing performances by all athetes who are world record holders and national record holders. World class competition!

    Some of the medalists Alena Konecna overall winne, Mats Tybell medalist CWT and Nikita Atriyu. Alena and Nikita also did national records! Photo by: Michel Filinis
    Swedish national record CWTB

    In the combination of total points my achievements gave me a second place! In Constant Weight Bifins I did a national record with my -52m dive swimming with my bifins from Tritonsub. These bifins now have done two national records for Sweden together with me.

    My CWTB-dive. Thank you Tritionsub for the amazing bifins. Photo by: FCG – Freediving Club Greece
    Amazing crew of FCG

    All of my dives were different and I know I have a lot to work on. There are many ways for me to improve to come deeper in a more efficient and controlled way. The crew here in FCG – Freediving Club Greece has given me so many advises on how to become a better deep-freediver. They have given me advice from the simplest thing, like how and where to put the dive watch, how to do a duck dive and how to position the body when you freefalling, as if you are a 150-kilos-lazy-and-tired-man. I call it the gnocchi posture. Thank you all, see you in the future!

    At the award ceremony at FCG – Freediving Club Greece with Stavros Kastrinakis and the fantastic crew Nicholas Kouvaras, Isabel Sánchez Arán, Matt Arquey, Joseph McCabe and Geraldine McVeay. Photo by: Michel Filinis

    Be kind to your self, be kind to others.

    Nicole Edensbo, 2019-07-22
    Athens, Greece