• Training & Competition

    Training August, 2019

    Many dives, many personal bests and many photos from the month. In this post you find some photos from the moments of August.

    Amazing flat surface.
    On the way to the diving spot in the new wetsuit from Triton.
    Photo by: Michel Filinis
    DYN-dive to the bottomplate and back. Photo by: Michel Filinis
    DYN-dive. Photo by: Freediving Club Greece
    After a deep dive, with the tag in my hand. Photo by: Michel Filinis
    Oxygen recovery from a deep dive. Photo by: Michel Filinis
    After dive, just playing in the water.
    Together with Max Gardien. Photo by: Michel Filinis
    Important skills for a freediver. Creating bubble rings.
    Keeping the logbook updated with my dives, depth, divetime, equipment, warm up dives etcetera.

    Be kind to your self, be kind to others.

    Nicole Edensbo, 2019-09-06
    Athens, Greec

  • Training & Competition

    25 days in the blue

    25 days dedicated to freediving have passed. Besides training, I love playing with the camera both above and beneath the surface. The result is: A lot of photos. Here are some of my favourites.

    Photo from training with amazing athletes and wonderful crew and setup in Kalamata. With FCG – Freediving Club Greece.
    Oskar Särnholm is ready to face the blue waters of Kalamata.
    In Kalamata we where three Swedish athletes training and competing. Here with Mats Tybell from LSDK. Photo by: Michel Filinis
    A dive with Mona. Photo by: Michel Filinis
    Under the buoy.
    Relaxing on the buoy between repetitions. Photo by: Michel Filinis
    Training session ended with a happy face and some photos. Photo by: Michel Filinis
    On our way back from training in Kalamata.
    It is important to stay hydrated! “The Swedish team” Oskar Särnholm, Nicole Edensbo and Mats Tybell. Photo by: Michel Filinis
    Nature & Recreation
    Colors are amazing. Even better when close up.
    The curious small black fish. I just love them.
    The mediterranean Sea and the rocks. Nature is amazing.
    Stretching is an important part of freediving. Photo by: Michel Filinis
    Some evenings have been spent at the beach to watch the sunset and clear the mind.
    The ascent of my DNF-dive together with the safetydiver. Photo by: FCG – Freediving Club Greece
    White card for my -47m CNF-dive. Happy PB. Wonderful competiton. Photo by: FCG – Freediving Club Greece
    My national record-dive to -52m in CWTB. Thanks to Tritonsub I have these super bifins! Photo by: FCG – Freediving Club Greece
    Morning boat to the diving spot in Limassol. The freedivers are getting ready to face the depth.
    Competition in Limassol, Cyprus on our way to the diving spot.
    Cyprus Depth Games 2019. A freediver is relaxing before his dive. Savvas Savva’s set up for the competition in the background.
    Art & Recreation
    I love the artistic part of my freediving. Wide dresses of light fabric is fantastic under water. Photo by: Michel Filinis
    Ready with the camera in my hands as well as the photographer of this photography. Thank you Tritonsub for my fins. Photo by: Michel Filinis
    Love how the loose hair and fabric of the dress flows in the water. I love working with the light of the photos in my lap top. Photo by: Michel Filinis.
    Artistic underwater photography. Photo by: Michel Filinis
    Lovely Athens, lovely Greece.
    Love the ocean. Photo by: Michel Filinis

    Be kind to your self, be kind to others.

    Nicole Edensbo, 2019-07-26
    Limassol, Cyprus

  • Training & Competition

    Freediving in Kalamata

    Where to start when writing about the previous weeks that passed by? There are so many new impressions that need time to be sorted and reflected on. Training and competition, personal bests and national records. Happy dives and a never-ending feeling of joy and gratefulness.

    On the way to the diving spot together with Dave, Jurgen Reinderink, Thibault Guignes, Alena Konecna and Max Gardien free-diving. Photo by: Michel Filinis
    Training in Kalamata

    Two weeks in the beautiful blue waters of Kalamata. I look back at these days and feel warmth in my heart. The nature around Kalamata is amazing. The mountains that surround the bay, in which we went diving, are impressive. They rise from the sea up towards the sky, which some days was decorated with clouds and some days clear as beneath the surface. The surface, most of the day, was still and perfect for pleasant training. Conditions for freediving in Kalamata are perfect.

    From the first days the happy vibes from all people on the spot could be felt. The happy freedivers who were spending time focusing on their element.
    I was training with Stavros Kastrinakis’s FCG – Freediving Club Greece.

    At the shop, FCG – Freediving Club Greece
    My training

    It is amazing to see freedivers coming up from their dives removing their facial equipment, and expressing, with a calm smile what they just experienced. The divine experience. My training went perfectly well. I did PBs in all four disciplines and I couldn’t ask for more. I know that deepdiving needs patience. The body needs time to adapt to the new environment with the pressure that deepdiving demands.

    Photo by: Michel Filinis
    Great results and national records

    There were four days of competition and I did all four disciplines: CWTB (Constant Weight Bifins), FIM (Free Immersion), CNF (Constant Weight No Fins) and CWT (Constant Wheight). Amazing performances by all athetes who are world record holders and national record holders. World class competition!

    Some of the medalists Alena Konecna overall winne, Mats Tybell medalist CWT and Nikita Atriyu. Alena and Nikita also did national records! Photo by: Michel Filinis
    Swedish national record CWTB

    In the combination of total points my achievements gave me a second place! In Constant Weight Bifins I did a national record with my -52m dive swimming with my bifins from Tritonsub. These bifins now have done two national records for Sweden together with me.

    My CWTB-dive. Thank you Tritionsub for the amazing bifins. Photo by: FCG – Freediving Club Greece
    Amazing crew of FCG

    All of my dives were different and I know I have a lot to work on. There are many ways for me to improve to come deeper in a more efficient and controlled way. The crew here in FCG – Freediving Club Greece has given me so many advises on how to become a better deep-freediver. They have given me advice from the simplest thing, like how and where to put the dive watch, how to do a duck dive and how to position the body when you freefalling, as if you are a 150-kilos-lazy-and-tired-man. I call it the gnocchi posture. Thank you all, see you in the future!

    At the award ceremony at FCG – Freediving Club Greece with Stavros Kastrinakis and the fantastic crew Nicholas Kouvaras, Isabel Sánchez Arán, Matt Arquey, Joseph McCabe and Geraldine McVeay. Photo by: Michel Filinis

    Be kind to your self, be kind to others.

    Nicole Edensbo, 2019-07-22
    Athens, Greece

  • Training & Competition

    Freedive love

    Since the first day of training in Kalamata there has been lightning and thunder, sunshine and rain. The surface of the sea has been still as in a bathtub and some days the waves have been splashing in our faces as the last seconds before official top have been shouted out. One thing that has not changed is the warmth in people’s hearts; the friendly smiles and the kind and helpful gestures.

    Photo by: Michel Filinis

    …We all share the passion for freediving and it is so clear that this connects us…

    Supportive love

    There are many extraordinary freedivers here who are on different levels of skill. There are world record-holding athletes and those who have just discovered the magic of freediving. We all share the passion for freediving and it is so clear that this connects us. The true love for the ocean.

    The support from one freediver to another is seen everywhere here. The gestures and calming words or just one person being there for the other. The love can be seen, heard and felt everywhere you go.

    Photo by: Michel Filinis
    The crew

    The crew here is supporting and totally amazing. They make you feel safe whatever depth you are going for. After ascending, for sure, there are smiles and some tips on how to improve your breathe up, your duck dive or the streamline of your body as you freefall to the bottom plate.

    Photo by: Michel Filinis

    Being a part of this wonderful world of freediving is just amazing! Sharing these moments with fellow freedivers from different places of the world is a true gift. Eimai achortagi.

    Be kind to your self, be kind to others.

    Nicole Edensbo, 2019-07-19
    West Messinia, Greece

  • Recreation,  Training & Competition

    Dedicated to freediving

    Six months dedicated to freediving. This means training, competing and living the life of a full time freediver. For some people it might sound like a dream, for some like a night mare. I am one of those who think it sounds like something more wonderful than a dream. I decided it to be my reality.

    One-way flight ticket

    On the 9th of June I booked a one-way ticket to Greece. The 1st of July the flight landed just as the sun was setting. The first day of the 2nd half of 2019 had come to an end. As I stepped out from the airplane I was wondering if it was reality or if it was a dream as the warm and soft air played with my hair and caressed my cheeks.

    Freedivers life

    Now, ten days later, I have spent so much time in the water, that the skin is falling from my fingertips and my hair starts to permanently smell like the ocean. Every day I learn something new about freediving. I have learnt that a slow progress is best for my body to stay healthy and in good condition to dive deeper. One step at a time my body is adjusting slowly to freediving life towards extraordinary achievements.

    Photo: Michel Filinis

    Your body and thoughts work together in one conscious action of approaching the quiet and the unknown…


    So far, the dives have been wonderful. It is something special going down there, being there and then ascend. The company you have on the journey is yourself. It is you. Your body and your thoughts. They work together as one. They work together in one conscious action of approaching the quiet and the unknown, the big blue.

    Be kind to yourself, be kind to others.

    Nicole Edensbo, 2019-07-11
    West Messinia, Greece

  • Athens - April 2019

    The Blue Hole of Athens

    Some days passed before we could go deepdiving since my luggage arrived to Athens later than I did. The day after receiving my equipment we went to Pigadi. The blue hole of Athens.

    Me in my brand new 5mm wetsuit, Proteus II, from Fourth Element. Photo: Michel Filinis

    Luckily the luggage arrived with all items intact in the bag in which I had almost all my diving equipment including my brand new 5mm suit from Fourth Element. When we arrived, the sun was shining and we spent some time on the rocks by the sea to savor the environment. When coming to a new place I need some time for adjustment and just mentally land where my physical body is. The wind was a little bit cold but the april sun was warm enough to warm us up before the dives.

    Michel preparing the diving equipment before entering the sea.
    Me in my rashguard from Fourth Element from the Ocean positive collection. Photo: Michel Filinis
    Sunshine, lighting & thunder

    The clouds started getting thicker and darker as we started to put our wetsuits on. When all the equipment was on and we were ready to enter the sea we felt the first drops of rain fall on our heads coloring the rocks to darker nuances. We entered the sea and we saw the lightning. A lightning followed by a rumbling thunder. A magestic act of nature. I have always loved diving in the rain. The intense impressions above the surface in contrast to the calmness beneath is something special.

    Pigadi – “The Well”

    The name of the hole, Pigadi, means “The Well”. The bottom of the sea is at 10 meters, where the 3 meters wide hole opens and invites you to go another 20 meters. Pigadi has a total depth of 30 meters. At the bottom of the vertical cave an other horizontal cave leads to many other caves that no person knows for sure where they lead. New environments and new waters has to be explored with respect as the particular conditions differs from each site. For me it is the mental thing. To feel home. To feel safe. To dive in to a dark hole is quite an experience since it is hard to see what is in there, before you are in it. The way to find out is to approach it and enter.

    Me exploring Pigadi. Step by step. Photo: Michel Filinis
    Michel during the first dive ascendning from Pigadi.
    Entering the unexplored

    At first I could not even understand it was a hole. What I saw only looked like seabed on the bottom of the sea. It was so dark and hard to imagine that there was a hole to the depth of 30 meters. I decided to dive down and get to know it better as Michel prepared the buoy and the equipment. As I entered the shadow of Pigadi the inside revealed itself meter by meter. I had to take one step at a time for each dive to not be frightened by the unexplored. I needed some dives but then I submerged to the depth to see the cave that leads to the unknown. I stayed there for some seconds, looking around as the lightning from the sky above threw flashes of light into the hole for shorter than the blink of an eye. Above the surface the rain fell heavy on the surface of the sea. The lightning and thunder reminded us of the power and wonderful act of nature that we were fortunate to experience.

    Be kind to your self, be kind to others.

    Nicole Edensbo, 2019-04-24
    Athens, Greece

  • Athens - April 2019

    The competition in Athens

    One week in Athens have passed and this week have given me so much more than I could imagine. I came here to do pool and depth training and to compete in a pool competition. I came here more or less without any expectations at all and the last days had so many wonderful moments.

    Photo: Michel Filinis
    Amazing Greece

    The amazing nature of Greece and the city and people of Athens has made me experience sensations of all kind. The smell of the soil is something special here. I had experiences in different waters with an extraordinary variation of weather with rain, hail, thunder, lighting, a warm, bright sun and harsh wind in the greek weather of April. The soft water of the lake and the chilling salty water of the Aegean Sea. This week has not only given me experiences of nature but of people with friendly familiar and new faces and newfound friend ships.

    Together with Aris Ioannidis who helped me with the coaching! Lovely to meet you again, as always.
    The outdoor pool competition

    There are so many things to write about from this week, let’s start with the pool competition! The pool of the competition was an outdoor 50 meter pool which was a new experience for me. This time there were no voices and sound of water bouncing on the walls but there was a blue sky were I could see the seagulls fly while relaxing before my OT. I really enjoyed the greek count down and greek conversation around me, the laughs and the hookbreathing. My OT:s were plannes to be 10:50 AM for DNF and 12:10 PM for DYNBifins. Quite little time between the starts.

    PB and national record!

    The competition was held in a 50 meter out door pool. My first dive gave me a white card, 135 meter DNF which is a competition PB! Less than 80 minutes later I made a new PB, white card and a new national record of DYNBifins with the distance of 166 meters. The fins I used were sent to Athens especially to me for this competitions. The fins are from Triton and I recieved them two days before the competition. That meant that I had one day to try them in the pool before the competition. So the total distance of training with my bifins were 200 meters before the competition.

    My new bifins from Triton

    My first pair of real long fins and I am so happy they fit my feet perfectly and follows the rhythm and the intensity of my kicks in a perfect way. Thank you Trition for my new beautiful babies Lighting and Thunder. The fins have souls, therefore they need names. What I am most happy about regarding this competition is that event though I had been diving both in pool and the ocean for one week in a row I had the strength to do PB in both DNF and DYNBifins. This means I have more to give and my promise is that more is to come!

    Be kind to your self, be kind to others.

    Nicole Edensbo, 2019-04-23
    In the air between Athens and Moscow, Europe

  • Athens - April 2019

    Spring time call

    It is spring time and usually in springtime something calls for me. It is a call that wants me to see, experience and learn new things. This time could listen to my call and now I’m here, for my call.

    Training & Recreation

    After a more than 12 hours long flight trip the plane started its landing. We we went through the soft and partially transparent clouds and finally I could se the beautiful landscapes and the blue water of the mediterranean sea. I was landing at Aten-Elefthérios Venizélos. I had landed in the capital of Greece.

    The first days

    This was quite a spontaneous trip. In the late winter I really felt to go, see and explore something new. Maybe to get a distance and time to think. This trip is primary a step to really learn new things about deepdiving and about my self. Since this is the third day waking up in this place on earth I’ve already spent some time training in the pool and diving in the ocean together with a new found friend. Since my bag arrived later than me I didn’t have all my diving equipment from day one so we also spent time just exploring above surface. Exploring the beauty of Greece at all levels. I enjoy every single moment and every second of being here, breathing here. And not breathing. Even though I lived in Crete I actually never spent time in Athens. The familiar and unfamiliar smells brings back and creates new beautiful memories.

    And a competition

    The 21rst of april I will wrap up my days here by joining a competition in which I’ll do DNF and DYNB. Looking forward to it. I’m expecting a delivery of my new bifins today! Can’t wait to try them on!

    DNF-training. Photo: Michel Filinis

    Be kind to yourself, be kind to others.

    Nicole Edensbo, 2019-04-17
    Athens, Greece

  • Swedish Championship 2019

    Well done & Thank you!

    An event as the Swedish Championship doesn’t create it iself, there are many hours of organization and individual preperation behind this. Everything is prepared to create the best conditions for the athletes to perform on top as the OT approaches. Thank you all for making this possible.

    The organization

    First I want to thank the organizers of this years Championship, the freediving club Uppsala Tumlaren. Your effort the last twelve months really had and amazing result as we could see this weekend. For me as an athlete the arrangement went smoth without any problems. You were always there answering questions. Actually most of the time you answered before the questions even emerged. That is worth so much. The website ( https://www.officialtop.org/events/1/info ) was really helpful. Such a great work behind this. I really hope we will use it for all upcoming events. Thank you!

    Photo: Per Benkowski

    The volunteers

    I wish I had time to personally thank all the safety divers, judges, photografers, speaker, medics and all other volunteers but I realised that would take a while. This time I do this through this blog. Without your commitment it wouldn’t be possible to do this. You were always there to help us, guide us, give us the best experience and even save our lives if necessary. Your engagement is big and worth a lot. You are so much appreciated. Thank you every one of you!

    Elin Larsgren from Juniordykarna spent several hours below and above the surface to capture the golden moments of the dives. Amazing job! This very moment I captured just before the award ceremony.
    Juniordykarna, my apnea club

    I also want to thank my apnea club Juniordykarna for all pool time you enable. Thank you for all the encouraging and inviting gestures and challenging words. Also for sharing all the happy faces, friendly smiles and genuine hugs. Your enthusiasm and desire to share the interest and spread the words about freediving is a true inspiration.

    Peter Johnsen, Anders Lundberg and Nils Manne from my apnea club Juniordykarna, Gothenburg.

    Last in this post but definitively not least I want to thank you Valle. For encouraging me to slow down and guiding me in the right direction when I pretend I can go on with a speed barely suitable for autobahn on this sometimes tricky and unexplored path. Thank you for spending all these hours in the pool with me and in between just longing for an other shot of hypoxia. Thank you for sharing this passion and commitment with me. This insatiable passion for freediving.

    Photo: Elin Larsgren

    Be kind to your self, be kind to others.

    Nicole Edensbo, 2019-04-03
    Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Swedish Championship 2019

    Four times gold, 1000 times feelings!

    What I aimed for also turned out to be the final result of the weekend. I already miss the faces of the athletes and the dense air of feelings. Again I leave a competition that have brought me many new experiences through mine but this time mostly other athletes performances.

    This fantastic picture is taken during my DYN-dive in the Swedish Championship. Photo: Peter Johnsen
    DYN day and final results

    My intention was to make a white-card-dive. I wanted to do a dive I could be happy with that would give me the golden medal in the last discipline and also in the combination. I was so relaxed before the dive. I really had time to enjoy the athmosphere. The warm and bright sun was shining through the windows, through the surface of the water, landing on the back of the divers, throwing momentary shades on the bottom of the pool. The water was soft and clear. I made a safe dive having some struggle with the shifting pool depth as you can see in the video below but nothing that stopped me from doing what I came here to do. The longest DYN-dive in the ladies class. 170 meters, white card.

    The many performances

    I’m so happy and amazed by the other athletes performances. The personal bests, the national records, all medals. I’m impressed by the athletes who made their first competition, the athlete who lost the fin during the dive but didn’t give up and the athlete who made a DNF dive with one arm and one leg. Every white card is an achievement and every single yellow. The long dives that were longer than all the others but turned out to be red cards. Even a red card is an achievement. This time I also learned that DNS (Did Not start) might be a bigger achievement than starting without motivation and passion. Everything, all experiences are worth something and important for every single one.

    Valdemar Karlsson DYN 208 meter white card, silver! The winner of the combination. Photo: Andreas Kron
    Robin Gunnarsson on his way up to the surface in DNF. Photo: Andreas Kron
    Me and Hans Fogelberg DYN-gold medalists in women and mens class. Photo: Karin Fogelberg
    The feelings

    It fascinates me how some few minutes dive can make the athletes experience so much and affect them in different ways. Many dives need time for reflection and need to be shared with others. During the weekend I’ve seen relaxed faces and bodies, tense sights and soft smiles. Tears falling on the cheeks from happines, sadness, disappointment and even melancholy. I’ve seen and felt warm and supportive hugs and shared big laughs. At the same time the extraordinary tense and vibrating feeling of concentrated and goal-oriented focus is striking. All feelings in one weekend in Uppsala, Sweden. This is why I just love this. We experience this together and support eachother. The respect between the athletes and all other participants.

    Tomas Johansson was the bronze medalist in the mens class in all disciplines and combination points. Photo: Elin Larsgren
    Final results top three total points women and men

    All final results can be found through this link: https://www.officialtop.org/events/1/results

    Be kind to your self, be kind to others.

    Nicole Edensbo, 2019-04-01
    Somewhere between Uppsala and Gothenburg, Sweden.