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Some memories from last summer

I spent the evening going through some photos. I want to say, I love all seasons. All seasons have their own charm but while looking at these pictures I can only say that I’m really looking farward to the Swedish summer. To experience all the amazing colours, smells, sounds and feelings that summer brings.

Beautful colours and fish. The colours are unbelievable. Hummerviken, Öckerö.
Breathing excercises. Smithska Udden, Gothenburg.
Wonderful colours and textures. Hummerviken, Öckerö.
Diving with my monofin in the sweet water lake Vättern, Stora Lund.
It is not that easy to capture al the divers in an underwater photo.
My sister Ellinore making yoga practice. Hummerviken, Öckerö.
I just love the movment in this pictures, the small fish in the big sea. Hummerviken, Öckerö.
Family. Vättern, Stora Lund.
The diving experiences in at the westcoast were just amazing this summer. The temperature and the sight made every single moment of the dive a total pleasure. Hummerviken, Öckerö.
Underwater life. Colours and movement of the sea. Hummerviken, Öckerö.
On a diving trip at sea. Invinga, Göteborg.
It gets dark pretty fast in the Swedish waters as you can see from this picure, Invinga, Göteborg.
Together with my sister in the sunset at Hummerviken, Öckerö.
I just love see the sun shine through the water like this, giving life to the underwater world. Hummerviken, Öckerö.

Be kind to your self, be kind to others.

Nicole Edensbo, 2019-03-15
Gothenburg, Sweden

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