Training & Competition

Training August, 2019

Many dives, many personal bests and many photos from the month. In this post you find some photos from the moments of August.

Amazing flat surface.
On the way to the diving spot in the new wetsuit from Triton.
Photo by: Michel Filinis
DYN-dive to the bottomplate and back. Photo by: Michel Filinis
DYN-dive. Photo by: Freediving Club Greece
After a deep dive, with the tag in my hand. Photo by: Michel Filinis
Oxygen recovery from a deep dive. Photo by: Michel Filinis
After dive, just playing in the water.
Together with Max Gardien. Photo by: Michel Filinis
Important skills for a freediver. Creating bubble rings.
Keeping the logbook updated with my dives, depth, divetime, equipment, warm up dives etcetera.

Be kind to your self, be kind to others.

Nicole Edensbo, 2019-09-06
Athens, Greec

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