, 5 minutes Good Morning Stretch

5 minutes Good Morning Stretch

, 5 minutes Good Morning Stretch
A limber body and focused mind

Every morning I try to take a few minutes to awaken my body and mind and take some really deep and conscious breaths. For me, the most important is that I actually do this, that I make action of what I believe in in the long term. I want to feel that it’s effortless even though I might be on my way to somewhere. I believe in doing this a few minutes each day rather than doing one longer session once a week. This considering what I want to get out of it. A limber body, focused mind, two outstanding lungs and a lovely feeling every day!
I highly value this little moment. This moment only for me. The moment of conscious action. Conscious presence. Mindfulness. Here and now.

Want to know how? See my video below.
Strech for everybody!
  • Start by finding a free space where you will have room to move around. It is enough to have a surface that is a little larger than a yoga mat.
  • Use a yoga mat underneath you, it makes you get good grip on the floor. You can also use a regular rug or practice directly on the floor if you don’t have a yoga mat.
  • Start doing your exercise and make your body and mind awake in a soft way. Is there any movement or position you don’t feel comfortable with, change it only to your needs.
  • Remember breathing, breathing the key in this stretch.
  • Try to really feel the stretch in your body in every movement.
  • Let this excercise take som more time in the beginning to get to know your body and needs better.
  • Remember! This moment is only for you.
, 5 minutes Good Morning Stretch

Be kind to your self, be kind to others.

Nicole Edensbo, 2019-02-18
Gothenburg, Sweden

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