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Freedive love

Since the first day of training in Kalamata there has been lightning and thunder, sunshine and rain. The surface of the sea has been still as in a bathtub and some days the waves have been splashing in our faces as the last seconds before official top have been shouted out. One thing that has not changed is the warmth in people’s hearts; the friendly smiles and the kind and helpful gestures.

Photo by: Michel Filinis

…We all share the passion for freediving and it is so clear that this connects us…

Supportive love

There are many extraordinary freedivers here who are on different levels of skill. There are world record-holding athletes and those who have just discovered the magic of freediving. We all share the passion for freediving and it is so clear that this connects us. The true love for the ocean.

The support from one freediver to another is seen everywhere here. The gestures and calming words or just one person being there for the other. The love can be seen, heard and felt everywhere you go.

Photo by: Michel Filinis
The crew

The crew here is supporting and totally amazing. They make you feel safe whatever depth you are going for. After ascending, for sure, there are smiles and some tips on how to improve your breathe up, your duck dive or the streamline of your body as you freefall to the bottom plate.

Photo by: Michel Filinis

Being a part of this wonderful world of freediving is just amazing! Sharing these moments with fellow freedivers from different places of the world is a true gift. Eimai achortagi.

Be kind to your self, be kind to others.

Nicole Edensbo, 2019-07-19
West Messinia, Greece


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