, Accept, Focus & Move on
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Accept, Focus & Move on

Whatever happens it is important to be aware of how you react, think and handle different situations. Situations that you experience to be difficult or hard are especially important to be aware of. Otherwise they might take unnecessary lot of time of your thoughts and thinking. Being aware and logically is important in order to be able to accept a situation and move on. It’s all about mindset. Focus.

Freediving & Life

Through freediving I see many parallels to life. I usually say that a dive is like the whole life itself. Maybe a little simplistic but that is how I see it and how I experience it. In freediving I’m trained to handle situations that feel uncomfortable. This also makes me ready to handle completely different situations in life.

, Accept, Focus & Move on
Foto: Camilla Salling Olsen
The way of thinking

When I find myself in a situation that I experience to be difficult or don’t like, but something necessary to go through, I try to remember me to be aware of my thoughts to handle the situation and accept it the way it is. The situation is here and now and I cannot turn back time. I must therefore welcome the situation, it is the first step. After I’ve done that, it’s all about focusing right. I have to make an assessment if it is a situation I can influence or not. I have to identify if it is something I can control or not, if I can make a difference. If I can control or influece the situation, I make sure to create the changes needed. If it’s not within my control or my ability to influence, I just have to drop it. It is as simple as that. The third thing is the importance to put the whole situation in the right perspective. I try to zoom out in time and space and see it all in the context as part of life. Sometimes the own thoughts can be so great that they seem to be the only reality and giving the whole picture of universe. When zooming out from that delusion it is surprising how fast the experience of here and now changes with the thughts of the mind.The situations relation to life might change in an unexpected way. The issue might turn out to be rather small with a new perspecitve to the context. A new perspecitve that facilitates to accept and move on.

, Accept, Focus & Move on
Experiences from the World Championship

While training sometimes I use this way of thinking, it often happens I use this in other situations in life as well. This mindset was necessary for me to use several times during the World Championships. I had to welcome situations and realizing that I could not change them. The biggest thing I had to handle was the fact that a forgot to make my announcement to the finals in STA and there for was not allowed to participate. I had to accept it. What happened had happened and nothing I could change. It was out of my control. Off course I was sad and disappointed and had feelings in my body that I needed to be expressed. It was important to me. I needed to allow myself to be sad. To express feelings it is a natural and fundamental part of being a human being. I choose to see the situation from a life perspective and the issues suddenly became quite small. The thoughts made it easier to let it go, I was able to accept the situation. When bad things happen I always think it is because something even better is still to come. I choose to see the positive things. This event was also exactly the case. Something was still to come that was so much bigger.

, Accept, Focus & Move on

Be kind to yourself, be kind to others.

Nicole Edensbo, 2019-03-09
Gothenburg, Sweden

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