, Enter life!
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Enter life!

Do you ever find yourself lost in time and space doing what you love? Have you ever fully entered the world of your passion? What is your true passion?

, Enter life!
What is your true passion?
Nicole Edensbo freediving in the Mediterranean sea. Photo by: Bastien Soleil
What is important?

Maybe you have never thought of that, or maybe you have. Maybe you have found yourself thinking of what your true passion and purpose in life is but not finding the answer because the time ran out. The time ran out because there was work to do at the office, or you had to go to buy that shirt for this dinner or you needed to create that outstanding post on Instagram.

We lose touch with ourselves in this machine called life.

Our minds are so occupied by everything happening in the world around us. We find it so important that we don’t prioritize time to discover ourselves. There are too many impressions that distract us from being able to hear, listen to and consider our own voice with its message. Work seems to be more important than living our own lives. Status and relationships overshadows our individual needs. We are so busy to create and realize the image of a perfect life we think we are supposed to live that we forget about ourselves. We lose touch with ourselves in this machine called life.

, Enter life!
It is your choice

I would say it is rare that people follow their voices, their passion and their dreams because of the structure of the world we live in. The thing is just that no one except our selves can know what that voice is telling us. We are fully responsible for our own lives and cannot blame anyone around us for the choices that we make. There are no musts in life living in this world. The only thing we have to be prepared of though, are the consequences of the choices and prioritizations that we do.

…maybe that is…what we need, to not have ha certain traced path in which we can go blind.

Though, doing something different, breaking the patterns of our society has a price. The different path is not as straight and clear as the one of the society. The path outside the map we know about might need more effort and awareness for every step taken. And maybe, that is exactly what we need, to not have ha certain traced path in which we can go blind. But one, where we have to keep our eyes opened and be present in every moment.

, Enter life!
Keep your eyes opened.
Nicole Edensbo freediving in Greece. Photo by: Bastien Soleil
Realize your dream

I have talked to so many people that speak of their passion as a dream, and only a dream. Dreams that are not possible to live, that are not possible to realize. The thought of that the dreams are not achievable is because they know that everything has a price. Most of the time it is difficult to have the cake and eat it.

…your dreams will not be dreams anymore, but your reality.

Listen to this part inside of you as it speaks, maybe it is not loud, but it is there. Your true voice. It might be hard to hear it because if the noise from the outside world with its distracting blur of “duties”, “musts” and “media” of all kind. The voice of the world is so loud and almost unescapable. To find the quietness that we need from time to time there seems to be a deserted island needed to find peace and quiet. Start to pay attention and sooner or later you will hear it. The voice. Follow it, follow life.

, Enter life!
What do I want to say?

What I want with this text is to encourage to live life. What I also want to say with thisis that everything is possible. I want to encourage you to live your life every moment. You just have to listen, be brave and believe and things will fall into place. When you truly believe your dreams will come true, and your dreams will not be dreams anymore, but your reality.

Be kind to your self, be kind to others.

Nicole Edensbo, 2020-01-19
Villefranche-sur-Mer, France

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