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Balance life

The whole body strives for balance every second, every day, throughout life. This applies from the smallest elements to the balance as you explore a new path or even yourself. If you get out of balance, a change may be required to not fall. Maybe the change is fighting or to let go of the challenge at the moment to come back stronger and succeed.

Photo by: Michel Filinis
A faltering exercise

Imagine that you stand straight on one leg with your head up and your hands down. Maybe it is something you are used to and do not see as a challenge. Most likely it was not as easy the first time you tried but you have learned how keep the balance. You may not even need to focus or work very much with your muscles to be able to stand still in this upright position. Probably you can easily catch a ball or simply pour a glass of water from a jug while in this position. You have simply learned how to keep the balance in that particular exercise. Hence as soon as you start stretching any arm or moving the one leg you have in the air, you need to start straining. When you move your leg, you need to balance the weight of it with another part of your body. You need to focus, and your muscles need to be more active. You must be present in your thoughts to not lose balance and fall. A new exercise requires focus and more strength. It requires presence and responsiveness.

Imagine the same exercise but now you stretch both hands to the front and one of your legs straight backwards. Do this with one foot on the ground and stretch until cannot stretch anymore. Be as long as you can in an horizontal position. The more you stretch, the greater is the risk of losing balance. In this position, if something affects you, even though it normally is simple to deal with you might lose the balance. Something as simple as catching a ball or pour a glass of water from a jug might be hard to deal with this time. The farther from the midpoint and the original balance you move, the less distaction k s needed to get out balance. The more you stretch the easier to fall. It requires focus and more strength to cope with the same strain compared to when you stood straight up in the exercise you were used to.

What do I want to say?

It is stressful to balance out there, therefore sometimes you need to calm down and not constantly expose yourself to new challenges and impressions. I feel that life is working this way always. Exposing yourself to the extreme makes the presence extra important to maintain the balance. In the extreme, the consequences of losing the balance might also be bigger and create more pain. To back a little bit to start again can be a good option. To start with something small. Sometimes you need to curl up into a small ball and not demand so much of yourself. To give yourself time to recover, releasing the need for control and just be. Give space to reflect, explore and find the strength. Perhaps the big impressions and progress come when doing the least effort. Maybe that is more than enough? To abstain the challenges even though they are tempting is a challenge itself. Dare to relax, to find yourself also in the simple things. Grow slowly until you are ready again to stretch out your wings.

Sometimes you need to curl up into a small ball and not demand so much of yourself.

Photo by: Michel Filinis
Create a foundation

The foundation is crucial. Find a plateau. Find a stability in what is new and enter the new challenges when you have found the balance. If the foundation is not stable, you can probably do something fantastic but probably not reach the most extraordinary achievements and neither anything in the long-term. Take your time and be patient. Create a sustainable structure where you are strong in yourself. Grow. Be small and grow again. Learn how to find the balance through the experience. Be present and perceptive. Be aware. Keep the concentration and control for a while and then let go. Everyone must find their own stability and get to know what conditions are best for themselves and grow from there. Build your own foundation. Find your balance and fly.

Photo by: Michel Filinis

Be kind to your self, be kind to others.

Nicole Edensbo, 2019-08-08
West Messinia, Greece

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