, The Championship is here!

The Championship is here!

I’m on my way to Uppsala, Fyrishovsbadet and the Swedish Championship in pool freediving 2019. The sun is shining and I am ready.

, The Championship is here!
Graphic: Johan Adolfsson

In Sweden this is the biggest freediving event of the year. About 40 athletes has signed up of which 17 are women. Many names are familiar and some are new to me. I’m looking farward to meet everybody again. To experience this together in one breath.

, The Championship is here!
Photo: Elin Larsgren
Schedule of the weekend

First competiton day is tomorrow. The schedule says STA and DNF on saturday and DYN on sunday. Since the order of the OT’s is based on PB’s I start in the last heats in the ladys class in all disciplines. My official tops are following. Saturday: STA: 11:32, DNF: 16:44. Sunday DYN: 12:20. Through the hyperlink below you can find information about the event such as in list, official tops and final results. https://www.officialtop.org/events/1/info
This year there are some international athletes as well. I whish all athletes good luck, a great performance and only white cards!

Lunchbreak by the lake

The weekend has just started and I already fully enjoy every second. It is a wonderful day being on a road trip to Uppsala and having lunch break by one of the thousand lakes in Sweden.

Be kind to your self, be kind to others.

Nicole Edensbo, 2019-03-29
Somewhere between Gothenburg and Uppsala, Sweden


  • Dena Parsa

    Thank you for all of your interesting posts. I’m looking forward to see you dive a like start that you are.

    • Nicole Edensbo

      Oh, Dena! Thank you for your text. I hope the “star thing” came true in your eyes!:) Before my DYN I had you and your smile in my mind when I new you where out on other adventures.

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