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Depth,  Training & Competition

25 days in the blue

25 days dedicated to freediving have passed. Besides training, I love playing with the camera both above and beneath the surface. The result is: A lot of photos. Here are some of my favourites.

Photo from training with amazing athletes and wonderful crew and setup in Kalamata. With FCG – Freediving Club Greece.
Oskar Särnholm is ready to face the blue waters of Kalamata.
In Kalamata we where three Swedish athletes training and competing. Here with Mats Tybell from LSDK. Photo by: Michel Filinis
A dive with Mona. Photo by: Michel Filinis
Under the buoy.
Relaxing on the buoy between repetitions. Photo by: Michel Filinis
Training session ended with a happy face and some photos. Photo by: Michel Filinis
On our way back from training in Kalamata.
It is important to stay hydrated! “The Swedish team” Oskar Särnholm, Nicole Edensbo and Mats Tybell. Photo by: Michel Filinis
Nature & Recreation
Colors are amazing. Even better when close up.
The curious small black fish. I just love them.
The mediterranean Sea and the rocks. Nature is amazing.
Stretching is an important part of freediving. Photo by: Michel Filinis
Some evenings have been spent at the beach to watch the sunset and clear the mind.
The ascent of my DNF-dive together with the safetydiver. Photo by: FCG – Freediving Club Greece
White card for my -47m CNF-dive. Happy PB. Wonderful competiton. Photo by: FCG – Freediving Club Greece
My national record-dive to -52m in CWTB. Thanks to Tritonsub I have these super bifins! Photo by: FCG – Freediving Club Greece
Morning boat to the diving spot in Limassol. The freedivers are getting ready to face the depth.
Competition in Limassol, Cyprus on our way to the diving spot.
Cyprus Depth Games 2019. A freediver is relaxing before his dive. Savvas Savva’s set up for the competition in the background.
Art & Recreation
I love the artistic part of my freediving. Wide dresses of light fabric is fantastic under water. Photo by: Michel Filinis
Ready with the camera in my hands as well as the photographer of this photography. Thank you Tritonsub for my fins. Photo by: Michel Filinis
Love how the loose hair and fabric of the dress flows in the water. I love working with the light of the photos in my lap top. Photo by: Michel Filinis.
Artistic underwater photography. Photo by: Michel Filinis
Lovely Athens, lovely Greece.
Love the ocean. Photo by: Michel Filinis

Be kind to your self, be kind to others.

Nicole Edensbo, 2019-07-26
Limassol, Cyprus

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