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The shooting for Mercedes Benz

Last year, I had the opportunity to do a beautiful shoot with Mercedes benz for their campaign “What moves you?”.
Earlier this summer it was released.

Nicole Edensbo in the commercial video for the Mercedes Benz – V-class.
Shooting in Tenerife

We spent some wonderful days in the amazing landscapes of Tenerife, Spain. It was an experience I will for long remember. Driving this car from the small roads in the misty mountains to the endless sea doing what I love. Freediving. We did the shooting for two days. One day we spent in the sea to do the diving scenes and the second day we went up in the mountain with the black Mercedes Benz – V-class.

The crew

The crew where amazing and someone who really impressed me the most was the director, the incredibly talented Marta Trela. What really struck me was her ability to see people and really understand the person she works with. She has an eye for details which is crucial to be a director at her level.

I really enjoyed recording the voice over trying to achieve different feeling so that the team could have a various selection for the final result. It is amazing how much time, so many minds and so much energy is put into the result of 1:35 minutes commercial video. In my opinion, the result is amazingly beautiful. What do you think?

Nicole Edensbo, 2020-08-22
Kalamata, Greece

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